America 's Health Care System Essay

1089 Words Dec 7th, 2015 5 Pages
When thinking of healthcare system in America you do not think of friendly, free, or universal. In America the healthcare is in favor of the wealthy and the individuals who have good insurance. They will give little to no proper care to the individuals that do not have health care insurance. Luckily we now have Obama Care, yet we still do not have free universal health care like Canada, England, France and even Cuba. We are ranked number 37 according to World Health Organization’s Ranking of the World’s Health Systems. France is rated number one in the health care systems around the world. When comparing the two America and France. France wins in health care. In America we fear of having the government control over all. France does not, the government controls their health care systems. They have free health care all around. They offer more services than America would ever dream of, they have doctor who make house calls for free, their hospital stays are free, and they get a minimum of 5 weeks paid vacation. They can increase the time by a week of a paid vacation by getting married, working more than 35 hours a week; they can get a paid day off when moving. They have unlimited sick days because there is no time limit on being sick. If you are injured and once you heal and feel like you need more time to get back health, the doctors will write a note to insure that you will get paid. In America they do not make house calls for patients because they feel it is a liability and…

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