America 's Growing Up Educators Essay

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Growing up educators have beaten into the heads of their students that everyone is unique. While being an individual is great in a context of growing up at what point do people stop being their own individual and begin to bind on to the similar ideas of one another. Paul DiMaggio and Walter Powell use institutional isomorphism to explain why businesses, that evolve in different ways, end up with such similar organizational structures (Conley, 2015, p 179); however, what if that context applies to high school students? Being raised in an area where everyone seems to eat, sleep and breathe the same its clear why during sophomore and junior year Daniel Hand High School in Madison Connecticut forced the message of diversity upon its twelve hundred student body. While watching video after video on how everyone can be different, the same message students had learned since kindergarten, it was clear to see how everyone one was just about the same. Where did it go wrong? At what point did we stop acting in our own way and begin acting just like everyone else.
Like businesses, students are all created and raised differently, yet they all seem to strive toward a common goal. For the more recent generation it has been to get into the best college, receive the most effective degree, and be successful. While everyone’s idea of success might be different the way in which they achieve success is not so much different than the person they are seated next to. The idea of isomorphism is a…

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