America 's Economic Crisis ( Instability ) And Inequality Among Mexico 's Citizens

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The passage I chose from the readings and lectures, talks about political and economic crisis (instability) and inequality among Mexico’s citizens. For example, chapter 3 states that Mexico in 36 years Mexico had 48 different governments, which ended up harming Mexico’s economic growth in many negative ways. In terms of inequality, land was given to the people who had privilege and most importantly, American investments had the privilege to obtain land and an open door to other resources such as mines and ranches. Furthermore, chapter 3 mentions that in some occasions, poor people used to get land, but this individuals did not have the money or the necessary resources to cultivate and growth products such as corn, bean rice and other products that could help them to survive and most importantly, to help rebuild the economy of Mexico.
I chose to talk about the political instability economic instability and the inequality because these issues are essential to understand immigration and migration to the United States and how those early internal issues in Mexico have helped to expand Mexico’s communities in the United States. Furthermore, these events help us to answer the question that many individuals ask, which consist of why there are many Mexicans in the United States. Again, these post-independence issues, tend to answer some of those kind of questions. As a result, I consider political instability, economic instability and inequality as important issues that help…

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