Essay on America 's Day And Age

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Tocqueville created a rather lovely image of what townships were like back in the 1800s. He gives us a deep look into what townships were like back then and even tells us of its origins. He paints a rather rosy picture of involvement and the livelihood of how townships operated. By looking at how Tocqueville saw townships in his day and age, we can use it to compare how townships look in today’s day and age.
Tocqueville counts Plymouth, New York as the where the origins of the township system were created. When people got here they knew they needed some type of government and they decided to pick their leaders as a whole. They also voted on laws to be enacted. Most of the laws were religious laws or laws that would separate out land. Most of the religious laws were taken right out of the bible and used them to help them set up their basic government. They also figured that religion would act as a safeguard against any bad character. The basis was set for the township system. They, in their small community would work together to pick leaders and vote in laws. (CH. 1) Townships were formed by men that gathered together and decided to create a township. They wanted freedom within the reach of people. (CH. 5) The townships would decide if they wanted certain administrators. Men that were elected to these administrator positions would be payed but for only as much as they did. This would incent leaders to work hard and get things done. Schools were build and highways were…

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