America 's Cultural Climate, Pluralism And Perspectivalism Reign

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In today’s cultural climate, pluralism and perspectivalism reign (Kӧstenberger & Kruger, p. 16). The reliance on personal experience has caused traditional thought to be challenged. An overlying paradigm of diversity (p. 18) has compelled “true” orthodoxy to be challenged, and as a result, heresy is seen as the “new orthodoxy” (p. 16,). In The Heresy of Orthodoxy, Kӧstenberger and Kruger (K2) provide a fair examination of the Bauer thesis which lays its foundation on the major urban centers of the first and early second centuries. The Bauer thesis, as popularized by Ehrman, argues that diversity – not unification - was present in early Christianity; “heresy preceded orthodoxy” (p. 17).
K2 examines the Bauer-Ehrman thesis in three parts: pluralism and the origins of the New Testament; tracing the development of the New Testament canon; manuscripts, scribes, and textual transmission. Each part is broken down into sub-categories analyzing evidence such as the major urban centers, manuscripts, apocryphal texts, and scribal tradition.K2 attempts to reach out to those who struggle with the credibility of the biblical message about Jesus. K2 also directs their examination of the Bauer-Ehrman thesis towards scholars, to solidify preceding counter-arguments and to introduce new findings. The Heresy of Orthodoxy is an intriguing read that provides insight into the Bauer-Ehrman thesis and the evidence opposing it.
In Part 1, K2 begins their analysis of the Bauer-Ehrman thesis by…

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