America 's Containment Policy Of The United States Essay

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During the beginning of the 19th Century, the United States remained unsure of what it was, and what it will become. The country was beginning to become a more influential power, yet it remained unsure of its exact position in the world. The United States was in a period of transition, as the founding fathers, who were essential to the national identity, where leaving power for a new generation of rulers. It became apparent that colonization was now only part of the nation’s past, rather than the formation of its entire identity. From many aspects at the time, the United States was unique. The country differed from the Old World Order of Europe, but with no precedent to guide it, the United States often felt lost. While there were countless domestic insecurities of the time, the United States was still insecure about its international position, not yet knowing where it fit in into the international order. The Monroe Doctrine, written primarily by John Quincy Adams, served to lay the foundation of America’s containment policy of the early 19th century. The Monroe Doctrine is part of President Monroe’s 1823 Address to Congress. However, there remain misconceptions about this document. The speech was less of a unique way to articulate the United States’ unchanging policy, but rather a reaction and a response to the international affairs of the time, particularly concerning European affairs, Latin American independence, and foreign intervention into the New World. The…

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