America 's Air National Guard Bases Essay

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Many of our nation 's Air National Guard bases are located in, and around small rural towns. The media organizations in these areas are desperately searching for newsworthy events. In the event of a crisis that develops on one of these military installations, the local media is often the first on scene. Due to the rush to report the story prior to a larger metropolitan competitor, and the lack of local subject matter expertise, the accuracy of the information being reported can create significant challenges for the base commander (Walaski, 2011). When the recent jet fuel storage facility suffered a massive leak at the 179th Airlift Wing in Mansfield Ohio, the reaction form the local community was near the level of an outrage. The story was well contained until the water system feeding the local state prison was found to be contaminated by the fuel leak. As Army National Guard water trucks from Columbus Ohio began to transport fresh water to the town and state prison, protestors gathered near the main entrance gate of the air base. Well into the third stage of the crisis, the media was demanding answers, trying to determine who was to blame for the environmental damage caused by the fuel spill (Jordan-Meier, 2011). The timing of this event was not optimal. The military was already in the media spotlight for other environmental issues. For example, the EPA had recently coordinated with the Massachusetts National Guard to develop a cleanup program designed to protect…

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