Essay on America, The Land Of The Free And The Lands Of A Dream

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America, the land of the free and the land of a dream we are all here for. Many know our country as a place of opportunity and freedom, which it certainly is. Adams, in his book, describes the American Dream as a land where the life of anyone should be better and richer through the opportunity and the ability of that human being. It is also a place where everyone holds their highest stature not regarding to how or what they were born into, as Adam mentions. Compared to many other countries, America is still holding onto the idea of freedom and equality which attracts many immigrants and gives a reason for the current citizens to stay. Even though America is meant to be an ideal country for any race or kind, it is not perfect and in many cities or counties, the American Dream is diminishing if not already gone. The dream came with the very first immigrants, called the pilgrims, and it is still living up to this day in every resident’s mind. The populations have split their opinions whether it is dead or alive and there are reasons for both sides. The American Dream is an idea that started at the beginning to all of the people but now is merely a joke for some people or a ray of hope for the others. The opportunity for a living involves something called money. In the American Dream, money is something all people hoped and are still hoping for. The pilgrims that inhabited this country might not have been as worried about money but they all needed essential living items. Coming…

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