Americ The Model Of Representative Democracy In America

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America has always been seen as the land of the free and democratic. But how democratic is America? A textbook definition of democracy is “a form of government in which the people rule, either directly or through elected leaders”. Pure democracy is when the people directly rule. Pure democracy typically only works in small societies. In America, we have a representative democracy. We vote for representatives and those representatives vote on the policies that will affect the public. The model for a representative democracy should look like this “PublicRepresentativePublic Policy” (lecture). However, after diving deeper into the details of how American government works, America may not seem as democratic as we first thought. To better grasp …show more content…
Constitution, linkages, and some of the institutions of the American government, we can now judge how democratic American government actually is. Again the definition of democracy is “a form of government in which the people rule, either directly or through elected leaders”. The model for representative democracy should look like this “PublicRepresentativePublic Policy”. When we introduce linkages into the equation, we end up with this “PublicLinkageRepresentativePublic Policy”. The most effective linkage in America is interest groups. However, interest groups are upper class bias. This means that the best way to influence representatives and public policy is upper class bias. Then if we add bureaucratic agencies into the equation the model looks like this “PublicLinkageRepresentativeBureaucracyPolicy”. The public elects representatives into their positions, through linkages they influence the representatives, the representative votes on bills. Those bills are either laws, regulations made by the bureaucracy, or the creation of another bureaucratic agency. Some policies still come from Congress, but most come from agencies. Agencies are created by Congress, which is made up of elected officials. Those agencies have functional representation and in the end, are not undemocratic. After looking at the final model, we may call our government representative democracy, but we have strayed far from that original model. However, in the end, we are still democratic. We still elect representatives which decide public policy for us. Whether those policies come directly from representatives or bureaucratic agencies, it is still democratic. Those agencies were put in place by elected officials. The question is how democratic is America? In my opinion, America is about as democratic as it gets compared to other countries. Here in America, not only can we freely elect our representatives, but we can also voice our opinions on public policy

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