Americ The Home Of The Captivity And The Brave Essays

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America: The Home of the Confined and the Brave?
America. The home of the free and the brave. Are we truly free though? When people think about being free, they think “free” in the sense of being free from laws, restriction, or rules that are holding them back from doing whatever they want. If this is the case, then America is far from free. If America is not as free as it claims to be, then what does it mean to be free? Well for me, it depends on what the sense of freedom is. There is a religious freedom where one has reached enlightenment or a divine state of being and there is also being mentally free. These can be argued to just be illusions, but I would like to think that there is a way in which we are truly free. Being bound by certain elements does not sound appealing, even though some may feel free as they are currently. I feel as if freedom can only be reached up to a certain extent—which in itself invalidates the whole concept of being free, but is the closest thing one may be able to achieve.
There are different circumstances where we may feel like we are free religiously. As a relationship with some type of divine entity has reached its peak, some may feel a sense of freedom. Speaking from a Christian’s perspective, I know that there are times when I feel as if I am free from all of my problems and worries. I would be at a complete state of ease. I think this same thing goes for Buddhists when they have reached “nirvana”. When in this state, I do think people…

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