Ameneh Bahrami Character Analysis

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Ameneh Bahrami who lived in Tehran, Iran and always thought that she would meet a guy, fall in love and get married. But when her wedding comes she won’t see his eyes or vice versa. When she was a electronic student at the age 24, a guy named, Majid Movahed, sat next to her and kept bothering her and then she decided to move and he did it again. So one day, she told him to stop and he stared at her in silence. Then over the next two years, he kept harassing and making threats to her and then he asked her to marry him but she said so no. So one day, he decided to pour acid over her body and the acid went all over her face, arms, hands and also in her eyes which made her permanently blind. Then two weeks after the attack on her, he turned himself in and explained that he did it because he loved her and he didn’t have no feelings about what he did.
In Iran, when a person who gets attack by their suitor would get “blood money” which is fine lieu
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Each culture is may seems right and wrong, different knowledge and opinions varies from one culture to the next and so on.
So, going back to the article, in our society today, if we did something like that to another person, the victim, we would go to jail and pe punished for a decent amount of time for what we did. So, if one of us told the court or even the police about how we wanted our attacker to be punished by, it would be called revenge. We also wouldn’t be getting “blood money” to pay for our medical bills either. So as you can see, their culture and our culture are two different cultures that has their own moral codes about what is right and

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