Amendments Essay

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The Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and Fifteenth Amendment all have had a major impact on the United States of America from the beginning. These three amendments have changed our country immensely for the better. The Thirteenth Amendment officially abolished slavery, and is still illegal till this day. The Fourteenth Amendment stated that if you were born in the United States of America you were officially an American citizen no matter race. The Fifteenth Amendment banned each government in the United States from taking away an american citizen’s right to vote based on their color, race, or their past (if they were a slave). These three amendments were put in place right after the Civil War ended and was America’s first step …show more content…
This amendment however is being taken advantage of tremendously. hundreds of thousands immigrants have come into this country illegally and have children that are automatically born U.S citizens. Thousands of our citizens have come from illegally immigrated parents from all over the world, and receive many free things such as health care, and welfare. Giving so many automatically accepted citizens so many privileges has taken a toll on our country and is part of the reason it is in so much debt. This amendment was useful after the Civil War to help give African Americans the right to become citizens but in today’s world it gives people from other countries all over the opportunity to take advantage of our overly generous government. Finally the Fifteenth Amendment gave anybody the right to vote no matter their race, or color. This was the final amendment of the constitution that helped African Americans be treated as an equal member of the American society. Much like the Thirteenth Amendment the south was not to fond of giving their former slaves the right to vote, and even though it was against the law to prohibit them from voting they found other ways to diminish their abilities. For example, to be able to vote in the south you would have to be able to prove that you had at least a fifth grade education, and if not that than you were forced to take a three page literacy test that they would have ten minutes to complete. If they were

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