Amendments To The Fourth Amendment

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The Constitution of the United States is made up of twenty-seven amendments. The purposes of the amendments are to make a change to the Constitution. An amendment is added to the Constitution to make a change to an older amendment. An amendment can also overturn a previous amendment. To add or remove an amendment to the Constitution, the amendment has to be passed through the congress. In congress it can be passed with a two-thirds vote, meaning two out of the three accept the new or changed amendment. Then this amendment is send to the states, if three quarters of the states pass the amendment, the amendment is then added to the Constitution. Three of those amendments are the second, fourth and thirteenth. The Second amendment has to do with …show more content…
Some people take the privacy of their homes for granted. Meanwhile, others have their belongings taken by the government. The Bill of Rights, which the fourth amendment is a part of, helps protect the citizens of the United States from this injustice. The fourth amendment states that the people have a right to be secure in themselves, their homes, in papers and effects, against any unreasonable searches or seizures. The fourth amendment also states that unreasonable searches or seizures should not be violated and warrants to search should only be issued if there is a known probable cause. The warrant should describe specifically the place to be searched and the person or object that needs to be seized. The fourth amendment is to protect citizens of the United States from having their homes and or possessions being taken from the government. It also prevents the search of private homes and businesses without a good reason. Police officers are allowed to search a home or business if illegal materials are in plain sight. Police officers can also search a home or business if the owner of the home or business grants permission to the police to search. In most cases though, the police have to obtain a search warrant before searching a home or business. For the police to get a warrant they must provide valid reasons to why the home or business should be searched and what threat the home or business may have of the other citizens surrounding that home or business. During the 1930s in Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered the Nazis to search homes and gather together all the Jews. The Nazis were also ordered to arrest anyone who were involved in helping hide the Jews. The fourth amendment helps protect the United States citizens from random searches of their homes. “James Madison once explained, “In a ward, as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a

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