Amber Room Research Paper

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Elly Wolhardt
Core B/A
December 14th, 2015

The Mystery of the Amber Room

The Amber Room disappeared during World War Two and has not been seen since. The Amber Room was a room covered with amber panels, made using six tons of amber, backed with gold leaf. It was 590 square feet large and would be worth $385 million today. It was originally intended for the Charlottenburg Palace in Prussia but later was given as a gift to Russia and was installed in the Catherine Palace. After that, it was looted by the Germans and than the panels were taken to Konigsberg. After several battles at Konigsberg the Amber Room disappeared and its location is currently unknown. There are a few theories about what happened to the Amber Room and why people have
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According to an article written by Jess Blumberg, General Gustav, a Russian intelligence officer, died in a car crash after talking to a journalist about the Amber Room. An article by Jeff Rense states a Nazi official, Alfred Rohde, suddenly died. What was his connection to the Amber Room? He was the supervising officer during the movement of the Amber Room. Later, people broke into his tomb, hoping to find pieces of the Amber Room, only to find the tomb had no pieces of amber and no body. Journalist Richard Nalley wrote an article giving readers another piece of evidence about the "Amber Room Curse". Georg Stien was among one of the most famous hunters of the Amber Room. His death was the most gruesome one. Stien was found in the middle of a forest with his stomach "laid open" with a scalpel. Although this evidence is fairly strong, I think this is just a string of non-related deaths and that this "Amber Room Curse" theory is …show more content…
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