Amazon Evolution Essay

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Amazon Evolution ± Team B Outline (Week 2) Begin working on the® Evolution paper by reading Amazon: From Book Seller to Service Provider in Ch. 1 of Introduction to Information Systems. 1. Discuss whether the company is moving away from its core competency of being a leading online retailer. Evaluate the offerings of GoogleŒ and Microsoft®, identify in which areas® is competing, and discuss whether this is a wise strategy Although Amazon is the largest leading online retailer, according to the case study, they are utilizing only 10% of their processing capacity. Therefore, they have decided to enhance their profit margin by encompassing the utilization of the remaining infrastructure already put into place, …show more content…
They also contain forms, queries, and reports. a. Columns are essentially fields or individual items of data we want to capture such as a customer's name, their age, or their address. Columns are part of a table and look similar to a column in a spreadsheet. b. Rows are essentially the records comprised of the data that has been input into the columns, or fields. When you create a query you can extract only the columns you want to make up a row of data, bringing up only what you¶re looking for, not the whole thing. c. Tables are a logical group of columns. For example, you may have a table that stores details of customers' names and addresses. Another table would be used to store details of parts and yet another would be used for supplier's names and addresses. All the tables together make up the entire database. One of the benefits of a database, comprised of tables, is that you should have a minimum of duplication.

Keys relate one table to another, linking them. For instance, you may have a table of customers and their associated information and you have a table of products. You need something to link the tables together when a customer orders a particular product. It¶s important that we do not duplicate data at all. Only keys would duplicate (and even then, on some tables - these would be unique). e. Forms are comprised of fields with the column headings that simplifies entry into the database. It also makes the entry more

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