Amador High School By Jonathan Kozol Essay

1152 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
My mind tends not to linger on literature for a long period of time. But, throughout this semester of Writing in Culture, Fremont High School written by Jonathan Kozol, did exactly that, linger. For some reason I wish I could say that this story relates to me, because of some personal experience that I had going through high school. In reality, my high school was great, I believe that is why this essay lingered in my head. As I read this the first time it did not trigger any emotion, but the second time around it triggered more than emotion but also memories. I was blessed to go to a school that was surrounded by people and resources that helped each and every student thrive to their highest potential. Therefore, I didn’t have the horrible circumstance that the students from Fremont High School. Such as, not having enough bathroom in the school, or not having air-conditioning. I had everything, and much more. That is why I say that I wish I could be able to understand what those students go through, not only feel sorrow for them. The interview with Mireya, was the most impacting section of this essay because it brought all of the components that the writer was mentioning into a real life story. When she speaks on how she is not able to use the bathrooms during school because of all the crazy rules, she illustrates us her humiliation. The idea of her standing in the middle of the classroom feeling like she has to describe a personal topic makes me nauseous. My heart…

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