Alternative Sources For History Matter Essay example

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I argue the use of different sources when looking at the history of the world is extremely useful. The reason as to why there is an importance in using other sources that might not be as credible or scientific would be because everyone sees the world differently. In the Middle East I believe in finding different accounts from old diaries to internet blogs provide the insight to the diverse region that is the middle east and helps people understand that the conflicts in the middle east is not a clear problem. Instead the conflicts are a complex web of different people from different religions, areas and social classes. An alternative approach does have some downsides however, such as being personal and might be unaware of certain facts that at the time might not know of. The positive as to why alternative sources matter is it allows the minority and the unheard be heard and some facts might not come into light due to the government or people hiding it. I think the best reason as to why alternative sources for history matter is best summarized by a quote from Walter Benjamin, who said “History is written by the victors.” Which means some parts of history might only be explained in a way that the victors want it to be. This leads to misconstrue information in the benefit of some people.
Alternative sources also might be able to convey some of the horrific conflicts in the form of pictures, photographs, and illustrations. The book or comic Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco. This…

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