Alternative Music Essay

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Alternative music is known as a distinction from mainstream rock music. It is different due to a different, somewhat distorted, guitar sound, insubordinate lyric, and a casual, or defiant, attitude being portrayed in the music. However, there are many sub genres included in alternative music ranging from rock to soft guitar playing. The subgenres are grunge, indie pop, indie rock, reggae, electronic music, jazz, and underground music. This type of music is normally kept out of mainstream, and is usually only popular to those who listen to this genre of music. This genre began appearing in the 1980’s. Ten years after, it became extremely popular. Only now has it subsided in popularity. Since then, alternative music has transitioned into different …show more content…
Common people created folk music in the 19th century. During that time, esteemed musicians made most of the music. So, folk music transitioned into normal and even low class people playing music. Also, many composers were unknown at that time for folk music. This helped the everyday workers keep content with themselves. The music helped synchronize workers, and reduced boredom for many people. Since this genre was not made of famous or high-class musicians, it gave everyday people to produce and play their own music. The common people and low class citizens were able to explore music of their own. Therefore, giving people more opportunities to become musicians and it not be just limited to being brought into a musical family or having a significant amount of musical training. With time, the genre became what it is today, a subgenre of alternative music. Some artists that help led the way for folk music is: Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Doc Watson, and Pete Seeger. These artists and artist today make folk music what it is today. Alternative music is very widespread, and varies in different sounds and types of music. Therefore, almost attracting any listener of music all around the world. These two things help make alternative unique and unlike any other music genre heard today throughout the

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