Alternative Energy : The Power Of Nature Essay

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Alternative Energy: The Power of Nature
From the moment the average person wakes up in the morning, to the time they go to bed they have used some type of energy all day. People around the world drive their cars to work and while there, use more energy by simply turning on the lights to see or using the heat to stay warm. However, what they do not think about is how much energy it took to produce the light they just switched on, as well as the effects of producing that energy. Whether it be coal, natural gas, or oil, the consequences of using these sources of energy everyday can cause significant environmental and health problems. The Earth cannot provide the traditional sources of energy forever, and if they are used much longer they will have negative effects on the planet. Other resources need to be focused on as other means of living, such as hydropower, solar power, and especially wind power, which is the most viable option.
In most areas of the world, homes use natural gas and electricity while most methods of transportation use gasoline and oil. Andrea C. Nakaya, a widespread published author, states in her book Alternative Energy that “While oil, natural gas, and coal are the major sources of energy today, there are numerous alternatives to these fossil fuels” (15). One of those numerous alternatives she mentioned is hydropower, which is energy from moving water. The most common way of obtaining energy through hydropower is by the flow of water through a dam…

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