Alternative Energies And Its Effects On Earth 's Climate Change

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Alternative energies are becoming a major focus point as climate change reports are showing staggering statistics on how negatively fossil fuels are effecting the earth’s climate. Per the Government of Canada (2016), human activity has been the number one cause of climate change on earth. The suns intensity and volcanic activity are the only natural causes to climate change today. The burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, are the leading causes of today’s climate change problems. Renewable energy is emerging as a focus point in many countries around the world. The road to 100 percent renewable energies is becoming a realistic goal of many societies. The question becomes, how to implement this on a world-wide scale, and, what renewable resources have the most potential to lead the world to a society without fossil fuels. This paper will dive deeper into the different renewable technologies in the world today, and how they can help society end the burning of fossil fuels.
Renewable Energy Considerations

There are four main renewable energy sources currently that are being implemented around the globe to lower carbon emissions. These four resources are hydropower, wind power, solar power and biomass. Each resource has unique positives and negatives which I will cover below. Hydro

Hydropower has great potential in a future of 100 percent renewables. On a world-wide scale, hydropower currently makes up approximately one sixth of the totally supply of…

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