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Aloha Construction Answers: What Problems Should First-Time Home Buyers Look for in a Home?
Buying a home is very exciting, but it is not a fast or easy process. One of the first steps after you meet with your real estate agent is to begin touring the homes on the market. When you visit the houses, it’s important to think about things like lot size, neighborhood, and square footage. However, there are many problems to keep an eye out for as well, to prevent getting involved with a home that has serious and expensive issues. If you’re a first-time buyer ready to begin touring potential homes, use this Aloha Construction guide to know which red flags to look for when you go.
1. Check the Roof
Don’t forget to look up! Replacing a roof can be a
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Do the appliances or lights buzz or hum while in use? Do the lights flicker in multiple rooms? Place a hand on the outlets that are being used, are they warm to the touch? Any and all of these can be a sign of a larger and more dangerous issue behind the scenes, Aloha Construction warns, and should be inspected by an electrician before the home purchase is …show more content…
Inspect the Plumbing
The last thing anyone wants in their home is a problem with the plumbing. Leaks can lead to rotted floorboards and flooded basements, often with unsanitary water. Fortunately, Aloha Construction has some plumbing tips to remember when touring your next house.

When you’re in the home, spend some extra time in the bathrooms. Listen to the toilet after it flushes, and make sure it does not run loudly and continuously. Also, inspect the area at the base of the toilets and the sinks. Are there signs of water damage, erosion, or discoloration from leaks?

Finally, don’t forget to ask the owner about the type and age of the sewage system installed in the house, so you can have it properly inspected before you purchase. Also, ask if there have been any problems in the past with the sewage system or flooding, and why they arose. Water heaters, pipes, and faulty appliances can all create expensive water damages.

Buying your first home is a big step, and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to be practical. When you start the process and begin touring homes, make sure you keep an eye out for these red flags that could require expensive

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