Faucet Repair Case Study

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Faucet Repair | Plumber Arlington
Leaky plumbing fixtures can waste significant amounts of water over time, costing you money. Prompt leak repair will provide the advantage of water conservation, reduced cost, and the prevention of water damage to your home. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for faucet repair, fixture replacement, or other needed plumbing services.
Identifying the Source of the Leak
Inspect the following as potential sources of water leaks:
• Sinks: Leaky faucets in your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room sink can waste water. It is possible for a faucet that is dripping to progress to a full stream, and may result in sink overflow and severe damage to your home and its foundation. In addition, a leak of this
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Before calling a plumber in Arlington, check the water pressure at other faucets. If the water pressure is low only at a single faucet, first ensure the shut off valve is open. Next, inspect the aerator for clogging due to hard water sediment. Soaking in vinegar and scrubbing with a soft brush should correct the problem. Otherwise, replace the aerator.
While the aerator is off check the water pressure at the faucet. If low, a problem is affecting the faucet. Faucets receive significant use, eventually wear will occur requiring faucet repair or replacement. Repair of a faucet is not a task the average homeowner can provide. Our licensed plumbers provide expert repair of all types of faucets. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for plumbing repair you can rely on.
Low water pressure at all taps in the home may indicate a water leak. However, first call your water supplier to ensure they are not working on the municipal system, which can affect the water pressure in the affected region.
If municipal repair or maintenance is not being provided, ensure the home’s main shut off valve is open. If none of these are an issue, it is time to contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for leak detection and

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