All Time Favorite Drink Mix Essay

960 Words Oct 4th, 2015 4 Pages
One of an all time favorite drink mix is of course Kool-Aid, however, is there a new mix on the rise in the store shelves? While Kool-Aid powder has always been a go-to for many American’s dating back to 1927, a new drink mix has recently been sweeping the nation in the form of liquid called Mio. Mio is a flavor enhancing liquid stored inside a portable small container making it easily accessible to squirt into water bottles while you’re on the go. An estimated 80% of American’s know or have heard of the Kool-Aid man commercials, where the pitcher of red Kool-Aid with a face and human characteristics breaks through the wall and yells the signature catch phrase of Kool-Aid “OH YEAH”. As you may have guessed this is very popular with the kids and even more so when the big pitcher of Kool-Aid breaks in during school! This commercial is based on the Kool-Aid man having recess and playing with the kids at school. While on the other hand Mio Energy, is based in almost every athletic scene you could picture. The basis of the product is that when you squirt Mio into water it makes the water taste better and is supposed to give you more energy. So while the commercial switches from a swimming scene to a track scene to a boxing ring, the audience gets the idea that no matter what physical activity you could be doing, Mio can give you energy. Kool-Aid has been around for many years as one of kids favorite all time drinks. Many can recognize Kool-Aid by powdery mix or the…

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