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English- B exam
Violent video games
Summary of the video clip

The main subject of this video “Do violent video games cause crime”. This video clip it’s a television program named Sunrise with two hosts there are interviewing two people, one of them is a psychiatrist name Dr. AZ and the other one is an online campaigner name Geordie Guy.
The hosts blame the violent video games because they mean they have an influence on the young people’s behavior. Subsequently there has been a 30 years investigation about how dangerous effect the video games can’t have on young people. But
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They many hours the player use on the computer teach the player how to use the most functions on the computer and that’s a advantages in the future because this generation only use modern technology.
When there young children are playing online video games there can video chat with other people It is just stupid because they decided to show how good there are, and only expect to get a positive answer from the online player. However, many of them do not have a good playing talent but think they do, therefore they cannot stand the fact that they got rejected or lost an online match.
On the other hand the negative side on playing video games, when a young child use more in 8 or more hours on playing games in a dark room with no light it will at last ruining the players sight, when a young child play video games there like to eat some snacks sometimes gradually mount up the fat subsequently the child are become an overweight person there got lifelong diseases.
“Do you think that this normalizes the notion that we live in a violent society and there’s nothing you can do about that, so get used to it?” I will not get used to violent in my city if there are violent at any place in the world everybody needs to stand side by side to solve this big problem. If nobody do something with this problem it will just take

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