All Quiet On The Western Front Essay

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Many people see villains as one dimensional characters, they don’t stop to look at who they really are or why they do what they do. There have been many countless “villains” throughout history. Whether you see someone as a villain or a hero is all a matter of perspective. During the rise of Hitler many Germans saw him as a savior who was going to get Germany out of a depression. Many people may also see America as tyrannical ruler that can’t be contained. Perspective can also be describe as psychology. Psychology is the study of of human behavior and describes why we act the way we do. Many times the human brain can become damaged without a person even realizing that it has happened. In Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front the main character is a young German soldier in World War I. He joined the war because of how his teachers spoke so highly of it. Before the war he is a compassionate young man who just wants to serve his country but he slowly loses the ability to feel emotions and compresses them so he doesn’t have to deal with the horrors that is the war. Paul should not be held accountable for his actions during the war because he was coerced into doing it, he suffers from many mental disorders from the war, and he realizes the magnitude of his mistakes. Before you can look at the reasons as to why Paul is not a villain, just a misunderstood boy, you must understand what psychology is and how it works. “Psychology comes from the Greek words psyche,…

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