All Love Is A Hero Of A Man Saving His Lover Essay

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All Love Comes To An End
Romance literature, a genre expressed for centuries has seemed to never go out of style. Over several centuries, the art of romance has been written in the form of myths, sonnets, plays, and novels. Back in the time period of about 500 b.c.e., Greek mythology was very popular and often focused on the theme of love and a heart gripping death that often depicted a hero of a man saving his lover. Orpheus and Eurydice, which has been translated from Latin by various authors, narrates the story of Orpheus, the son of Apollo (the god of music), and Eurydice, Orpheus? wife and a wood nymph. These lovers? lives are interrupted when a serpent bites Eurydice, leaving her dead. This myth continues with Orpheus attempting to save Eurydice from the underworld by bargaining with Hades. However, Orpheus struggles to follow Hades? directions and risks the life of his wife. In contrast to this story, 21st century authors seem to focus more on the idea of heart fluttering love, which depicts the bond of the male and the female, without the inclusion of a hero?s journey. The Fault In Our Stars, written by John Green, portrays the narrator as a sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel Grace. Hazel falls in love with a boy named Augustus Waters, who was also affected by cancer, which leaves him with only one leg. The relationship between the two teenagers is complicated and heart wrenching as the male lead is dying while the female is living. The myth of Orpheus and…

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