All Kids Should Take Poverty Essay

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In her essay, “All Kids Should Take Poverty 101” Donna Beegle’s main argument is on the behalf of how our educational curriculum should have some sort of poverty course as a requirement. By having a course such like this one in our curriculum, children from K-12 will have a greater knowledge of how life is in poverty. It can teach you the real definition of poverty, and get children to realize how fortunate and blessed they are. If our future children have this particular requirement in their education career, it would be a huge benefit. Beegle’s main goal is to make this mandatory for all children, as well as decreasing the percentage of poverty worldwide. Making this change in our children’s education will not only help them become free from poverty but most importantly teach them to make the right decisions for their future. Beegle starts her essay by giving the readers the main purpose of her essay. Which is, that no one will be able to graduate without taking some sort of poverty course. She continues to talk about her childhood and the many obstacles she faced. In her essay, she stated, “I was born into generational poverty,” (Beegle 342). She grew up with parents who were uneducated, unskilled and illiterate. Also being why she grew up and made the same decisions her parents did. At the age of 15 Beegle decided to quit school, and none of her professors guided her continue her education. Rather they would tell her “Do not quit school, one day, you will want a job,”…

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