Essay about Alien Agent Smith : An Abstract Human Concept

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From life to Smith Alien Agent Smith has landed on planet earth in search of an explanation of an abstract human concept. In more alien terms a reason not to annihilate planet earth, he has landed in Merced, California and has come in contact with a human that goes by the name of Sandra. Sandra explains to Agent Smith that she will define the abstract concept, life. When people think of life they define it as all that is living, life has a heartbeat or it breathes like plants. Although they aren’t wrong, life is much more than a pulse and breathing, life is stressful, life is contentment, life is composed of small moments and most important life is creating new elements to serve a purpose.
Life is stressful, which means that when a human being feels too overwhelmed they feel or get angry, and that anger is caused by the pressure any life situation can cause. Life in the terms of being stressful can mean absolutely anything. For example, life to an eighteen year old is having to leave family and go on to greater and bigger things. At the age of eighteen a human being has to start a life of their own which can be stressful because they’re faced with challenges. After being maintained their whole existence by their parents these eighteen year olds have to take care of themselves. It happens because it’s a part of life. Another example is that of a single father trying to raise his child because the mother of his child was addicted to drugs and she chose drugs over her…

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