Personal Narrative: My Grandma Betty

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Alicia Becker was the name of my mother 's grandma. My mom spent a lot of time with my Grandma Betty’s parents. She went to visit them every weekend and they always stayed with herfamily when they came to Bismarck overnight. Grandma Betty’s mother was very important to my grandmother, she was the matriarch of the family. A lot of people say my Grandma Betty is just like her very loving, but very tough. Great-Grandma Becker had to work very hard to take care of her family. She had 11 children and a husband. There was a lot to do on the farm and she was very busy. Her family was the world to her. She was very strict like my Grandma Betty. Her family and her faith were the most important things in her life. My mom said that as long as she can …show more content…
There was no organized school activities, but she did get to play baseball and games at recess. My Grandma grew up a very strict Catholic and did the Rosary every night before bed. Grandma Betty and Grandpa Kenny met in the small town, Napoleon, North Dakota, where they both grew up. My Grandpa Kenny was friends of my grandmother 's brothers. My mom 's relationship with her mother had always been the same. My Grandma Betty is very strict and always been very attentive, but she is a simple person just like my mom, they are both not that deep. My grandma has always taken care of the whole family and has always done everything for all of us. Her family is her whole life and she always puts that before anything else. My mom 's relationship has stayed the same since she was little – she is very involved just like when she was a child. Even though my Grandma is very strict, My mom still got to do a lot of things and be a part of a lot of activities. She kept a very watchful eye like and continues to do that with her children and grandchildren to this day. My grandmother is the kindest most loving person (in her own way) you will ever meet. She would do anything to help her family. She is very old fashioned which My mom loves, but sometimes she can be a little too old

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