Alholic Essay: The Causes And Dangers Of Alcoholism

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Register to read the introduction… Alcoholics, like many other drug addicts, can build a tolerance to the drug. This means that it takes increasingly greater amounts of the drug to create the same feelings of euphoria. Alcoholics can become physically and psychologically dependent. Alcoholism is a terminal disease. “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” Alcoholism is not something that goes away or that a person can just get rid of. An alcoholic may be able to “sober up” or “clean up” but will always be tempted by alcohol. The only way for an alcoholic to be “better” is to refrain from alcohol …show more content…
Some drink everyday, whereas others can stay sober for long periods of time, and then just go on a drinking binge for no reason. If alcoholism was just because of how some people were raised, wouldn’t there only be one type of alcoholic?
Alcoholism can also be caused by people’s environment and social life. Many people were raised in a happy environment and were never really exposed to alcohol while growing up. Then, later in life they are exposed to alcohol and become alcoholics. This proves that it must be something natural to that person because they were raised in an environment free of alcohol where they never needed it to be happy. Once exposed to it, they became alcoholics because it was just something that they were born with.
As I said before, alcoholism is a terminal disease because people can not get rid of it. Sure, people may be able to overcome their alcoholism, but since they can not control their drinking, alcoholics must stay away from tempting situations. Some people are raised in a poor environment, and that can cause them to turn to alcohol to deal with their problems. They may move themselves to a better environment, but they are still alcoholics. This shows that even after being in a better, well “nurturing” environment, they were still alcoholics because alcoholism wasn’t something that they learned from their past
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Some people may start off being able to control their drinking, but after a while, get addicted because of how it makes them feel. By this, I don’t just mean the physical effects alcohol has on a person. Alcohol can also have emotional effects on people because they feel socially accepted and because many of their friends and peers drink. They may make plans not just to drink, but to get drunk. This is a bad habit and can become obsessive. If a person gets uncontrollably drunk every time he/she drinks and feels the need to drink to have fun, those can be warning signs that this person can no longer control their

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