Essay about Alfred Hitchcock 's A New Kind Of Horror Film

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Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” He did exactly that in all his movies. Never did he once give his audience a break. Even if the movie is at a calm scene, he always makes something crazy happen to scare the audience right back in their seats. Alfred Hitchcock was able to create a new kind of horror film that was able to get into the audience 's minds and make them experience unforgettable suspense and fear; this is seen and mimicked in many films, that future directors would make after his iconic and legendary movies. Many of his movies reflect on his childhood. He was born in London on August 13, 1899. He had two older siblings and had very strict catholic parents. He had a very lonely childhood and was always being punished by his parents. His parents’ ways of punishment really took a toll on him. “He also remarked that his mother would force him to stand at the foot of her bed for several hours as punishment (a scene alluded to in his film Psycho) “ (“Alfred”). His mother wasn’t just the punisher, his father made him go to the local police station with a note telling the police officers to lock him in jail for ten minutes as punishment (¨Alfred¨).When he got older he went to the University of London and took art courses. He was a very skilled artist and ended up getting into the film industry as a set designer in 1920. It only took him a few years to become an assistant director. He directed his first ever film in 1925,…

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