Alexander Pope and Christianity Essay

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The Influence of Christianity in Essay on Man Alexander Pope is an eighteenth century writer who spent most of his life suffering. He had a rare form of tuberculosis which left him in constant pain. As a result of this disease, he never grew very tall. He was only about four and a half feet tall and he also experienced migraines (Greenblatt 2714). Despite all of Pope’s impediments, he managed to write Essay on Man which portrays an extremely optimistic outlook on life. Although Pope says that he “avoids all specifically Christian doctrines,” it is doubtful that he would have this same optimistic outlook without his Christian upbringing (2714). Even though Pope’s Essay on Man is universal, applying to Christian and
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The Christian faith holds a strong belief that there is a time for everything and that everything happens for a reason. There are also direct references to certain Bible stories in Essay on Man. Line eight of Epistle 1 says “Or garden, tempting with forbidden fruit” (2714.1.8), a reference to Genesis 3: 1-24, the Fall of Man. The serpent pressures Eve into eating the fruit on the tree in the center of the garden. Those who are not familiar with the Christian faith would not understand this reference. Pope is saying that temptation has existed since the beginning of time which is proven through this Bible passage. An additional theme in Essay on Man is that no man is perfect. In Epistle 1, lines 69-70 reads, “Then say not man’s imperfect, Heaven in fault; Say rather, man’s as perfect as he ought” (2716.1.69-70). In 2 Chronicles 6:36, it states, “If they sin against

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