Alexander Hamilton 's A Sustainable Vision For The United States

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1.I feel that Alexander Hamilton had the more sustainable vision for the United States. This is because his Federalist ideals were more practical for American in the long term. Specifically, his ideas. He understood that in order for the US to be able to deal with huge debts they would need financial backing. This is seen when he creates his financial plan and asks Congress to charter the Bank of the United States. The Bank was better long term as it it handled making loans, government funds, and issuing bills of credit. Moreover, his idea for the place of cities was much more modern and feasible than Jefferson’s. He knew that encouraging inventions and creation of more technology was important for America to progress as a country. Jefferson’s idea of agriculture was simply not sustainable as for America’s economy to grow they had to have a place for trade or manufacturing(in order to compete with bigger countries in the future). Additionally, Hamilton believed that it was okay to loosely interpret the Constitution if it was for something necessary and beneficial to America. Furthermore, Alexander Hamilton was more practical when it came to the social ladder. Compared to Jefferson he understood that there was inevitably always going to be a gap between the rich and poor. However he stood strongly against slavery. Jefferson seems incredibly hypocritical in his views, he believes that all people should have liberty and equality but does not actually support the abolitionist…

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