Was Alexander Hamilton Successful In Migrating Native Americans?

1.I feel that Alexander Hamilton had the more sustainable vision for the United States. This is because his Federalist ideals were more practical for American in the long term. Specifically, his ideas. He understood that in order for the US to be able to deal with huge debts they would need financial backing. This is seen when he creates his financial plan and asks Congress to charter the Bank of the United States. The Bank was better long term as it it handled making loans, government funds, and issuing bills of credit. Moreover, his idea for the place of cities was much more modern and feasible than Jefferson’s. He knew that encouraging inventions and creation of more technology was important for America to progress as a country. Jefferson’s …show more content…
The Treaty of Greenville was a treaty between the Americans and Indians in which American negotiators acknowledged Indian ownership of land and the treaty led Western Confederacy to cede most of Ohio (led to control of trans-Appalachian west). This treaty caused a massive influx of white migration in which over 375,000 people migrated to the Ohio and Tennessee colonies. The impact of this was an American attempt in integrating Native Americans into white society. This integration was not very successful, however some tribes did try to incorporate Christian elements into their culture. Furthermore, the Thomas Jefferson’s purchase of Louisiana greatly increased US territory. He bought the territory of Louisiana from Napoleon for 15 million. This purchase forced Jefferson to reconsider his strict interpretation of the Constitution. Also another impact of the purchase was the ability to expand westward. It also causes political problems. Federalists were afraid that westward expansion would hurt their party and started talking about secession. The vice president, Aaron Burr, supported this idea which would eventually lead Hamilton to accuse him. This would cause an illegal pistol fight between the two, resulting in Hamilton’s death (purchases strongly increased parties

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