Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Essay

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For the Summer Assignment, I read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Huxley was born into a wealthy family of scientists and wrote Brave New World in 1931, when the Great Depression was starting up and Hitler was rising to power, not to mention the fact that Huxley already had lived through WWI and lost his mother, his brother, and most of his eyesight, all in the same year[1]. Given all of these circumstances, he had plenty of reason to fear for the future. Brave New World is a model example of a society that is imposed to be perfect, but in truth is far from being so. Huxley creates his “brave new world” as an example of a “perfect dictatorship,” a society that basically is a prison of no walls, and prisoners, drawn to various forms of entertainment and consumerism, who would never think of leaving. This was accomplished, rather than continuing to let the populace reproduce normally at its leisure, by creating a system of industrialized procreation, predestination, and development procedures appropriate to the person-to-be’s social class. Therefore, each person was conditioned firstly to be similar to everyone else in his social class, by doing things to the unborn baby such as purposefully stunting growth of a lower-caste person. Then, they were conditioned to their specific job by, for example, exposing those who will be foundry workers to heat, or those who will be in-flight mechanics to turbulent forces. Huxley builds his imperfect utopia by opening with a…

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