Alcohol Effects On Teenagers

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Living in a small town, with a population little over 2,500, life on the weekends can get very monotonous. Some kids resort to playing sports and staying active, while others choose to curl up in their favorite blanket with an action packed film. Others, who do not do either of those things, may happen to choose a more wild and illicit behavior. What students and peers choose to do on the weekend is their business; not anyone else’s. It is, however, the schools and athletic department’s business if a student chooses to use illegal substances over the weekend. Some students and student athletes participate in illegal activities over the weekend. An even larger number participated in it during the summer. The number of minors who used and/or …show more content…
Alcohol is a depressant. According to the article “Alcohol’s Effects on the Body,” drinking can have a serious impact on one’s health. It can have an even larger toll on teenagers, because their body and brain are in the process of developing. Alcohol interferes with the brain and kills brain cells. It disrupts the communication pathways and can ultimately change how the brain works and looks. This will make it hard to think and move, so a person’s coordination will be disarrayed. There might possibly be behavioral change and mood swings while consuming …show more content…
It comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa, and is made and found naturally. THC attaches to the parts of the brain which controls thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination, and time perception. THC links to these receptors and takes over the brain, so a person would not be able to control any of those factors. THC also interferes with the section in the brain which is responsible for creating memories. It also produces hallucinations, and the effects can last up to two hours. Other side effects include memory loss, relaxation, and pain-relief. Marijuana is also used in some cases, for medical marijuana if a doctor prescribes it and it is legal in the patient 's’ home state.
THC varies for amount of days it stays in one’s system. For each individual, it’s different. It can range from one day to thirty days. Some companies often require their workers to take frequent drug tests to prevent the use of marijuana. If a worker is tested positive, the consequences can be from negligible to severe. A worker may be charged with drug paraphernalia or be fired from the

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