Alcatraz Maximum Security Prison

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Do you think you could escape a maximum security prison that is on an island surrounded by water? I personally don’t think I could. I am going to be talking about the great escape of Alcatraz.
I was interested in this topic because this is still a mystery today and that makes me curious. I hope that you will be as intrigued as I was.
Preparation for the great escape, escaping the maximum security prison, and last, the aftermath.
In a penitentiary called Alcatraz, an island off the coast of San Francisco Bay, three criminals planned a master plot.
Frank Lee Morris, the mastermind behind all of it, started planning.
Morris was a foster child and was a troublemaker. He was convicted of his first crime at the age of only thirteen. When he got into
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The crimes that West said they were going to commit like stealing a car or robbing a clothing shop were never done. There was no reports of any of those crimes within a twelve day period after the escape.
Some people think that because the bodies were never found, they survived. But on the same day and nearby, an African American man purposely crashed his car and committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in front of many people. The police and emergency divers were there almost instantly but they never recovered his body. This shows that if the escapees did die, their bodies could have easily never been found.
Another interesting thing is that on the SS Norefjell, a Freighter ship reported seeing a body about twenty miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. The crew saw something bobbing in the distance and used binoculars to confirm this was a body. They said the body had full length denim trousers which were worn at the prison. This sighting took place five months after the escape but they later did research and said that is was possible for a drowned body to be still floating after five

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