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AJS 582 Complete Course Material AJS 582 Week 1 DQ1 What problems are associated with formulating crime policy based on crime perceptions rather than crime reality? On what characteristics must crime policy be based? Explain your answer.

AJS 582 Week 1 DQ 2 What is the relationship between ideology and public policy? AJS 582 Week 1 Individual Assignment Criminal Justice Policy Process Paper AJS 582 Week 2 Course Description AJS 582 Week
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DQ: 4.3

AJS 582 Week 4 DQ2 What types of discrimination—based on race and ethnicity, gender, or social class—exist in the present criminal justice system? Provide an example of discrimination based on your experience.

AJS 582 Week 4 DQ3

The Supreme Court of the United States indicates that a police officer must balance the need to do his or her law enforcement job with the dangers to suspects and the public. Is this balancing act too difficult to do successfully?

AJS 582 Week 4 Individual Assignment Policing Policies Analysis

AJS 582 Week 5 Course Description AJS 582 Week 5 DQ1

Who are the key actors influencing sentencing policy? How are they currently influencing sentencing policy changes?

AJS 582 Week 5 DQ2 What are the goals of sentencing? Are these goals reflected in the current justice system? Explain your answer.

AJS 582 Week 5 DQ3 What are the challenges of sentencing juveniles as adults? What dilemmas are associated with sentencing juveniles to the death penalty? AJS 582 Week 5 Individual Assignment Sentencing Policies Analysis

AJS 582 Week 6 Course Description AJS 582 Week 6 DQ1 How has the politicization of corrections affected corrections? In other words, when politicians are involved with corrections, how does that affect corrections?

AJS 582 Week 6 DQ2 How does public policy influence

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