Ajax Digital Information Code of Ethics Essay

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Ajax Digital Information Code of Ethics
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Ajax Digital Information
Code of Ethics We at Ajax Digital Information take pride in the professional appearance and actions of our employees. This is why we expect each one of our employees to uphold the highest moral standards while working at our establishment or accessing company data. Ajax Digital Information recognizes the threat of unethical activities to our establishment, and have created as set of mandatory guidelines.
Here at ADI we plan to uphold the highest standards of business by providing professional, quality interactions with our customers and fellow
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2. Shareware
• All shareware without license restrictions will be logged by management and the network admin. If anyone wishes to learn more about the unrestricted shareware, contact management.
• All shareware with license restrictions will be logged by management and the network admin. Harsh penalties(Including termination and legal action) will be pursed for anyone who is in violation of the license.
3. Piracy
• All software that is protected by Copyright laws by state and federal government is prohibited to be copied on the ADI premises or computers. Anyone in violation will automatically be terminated and their violation will be handed over to the law.
• Network Admins reserve the right to check for piracy issues on a regular basis.
• Employees are responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are being follow properly. If any issue arises concerning piracy, it's the employees job to report it management immediately.

Section 6:- Guidelines for Work Place Privacy & Monitoring
• ADI reserves the right to check activity logs of its employees. Each and every employee will have the logs looked over weekly, starting in alphabetical order by last name, and there will be no bias.
• ADI Network Administrators and upper management reserve the right to monitor any employees work station. Employees can expect their screen to be monitored several times a day.
• Employees should recognized that any

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