Aj Cheesem Human Performance And Health Promotion Essay

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Aj Cheeseman was born on January 22, 1998. He is now the age of 18. He has a father name William Cheeseman and a mother name Trina Alexander. AJ has six sisters while he is the only male sibling. From freshmen to senior year in high school, AJ attended Collins Hill High School. AJ originally was from Decatur, Georgia, but now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. AJ was not scared to move to a different state because he wanted to explore a new place for once, he live in Georgia from when he was born to the age of 18. As of right now, AJ attends the University of New Orleans. He was not going to attend UNO if it was not for his mother who influenced him to enroll. AJ’s major is Human Performance and Health Promotion. AJ wishes to become a college basketball coach. What influenced AJ to choose to major in HPHP was because he loves to play basketball. AJ was first introduced to basketball at the age of five, once he started playing, he did not like the feeling of playing the game. When he reached the sophomore year of high school, he started to like basketball. He never understood the reason why he never cherished the beauty of basketball, but he has a big passion for basketball, he has taken his dedication towards basketball. His number one supporter is his mother, father, girlfriend, and best friend; those are the people who have always been there for AJ when it came to his basketball games.
AJ Cheeseman always remembered his summer before starting the 11th grade. He took his…

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