Persuasive Essay On Megalodon 10

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When it comes to stand up paddle boarding, everybody knows that this water sport has become one of the most dynamic and relaxing activities because it doesn't require too many things. The paddling lovers don't need to be the most athletic persons in the world. They just have to stay relaxed and keep a good balance on the board in order to maintain their equilibrium. However, it's very important to know that without a quality paddle board it's hard enough to get the desired results. Whether you are a newbie or a professional SUP, you need to have a good paddle board that can provide comfort and safety. Therefore, an amazing inflatable stand-up paddle board that can provide all these benefits is the ISLE Airtech Megalodon 15'. This model comes with the price of around $1,395 and it was designed to offer a good price-quality ratio, especially considering that you can save $450, because its initial price was $1,845. Keep on reading, if you want to find out more about the advantages of owning an ISLE Airtech Megalodon 15'.


The Airtech Megalodon is 15 feet tall, 50 inches wide and 8 inches thick, which makes it a supersize paddle board. Actually, this model is the the largest and the most stable inflatable SUP on the market and it was
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Its easily attach extras such as Coast Guard-mandated life vests, sunglasses, camera and backpacks are now required on most waterways. On the other hand, you need to take into consideration that this big buddy weights 50 pounds. It is extremely rigid and impressively sturdy so it can be quite difficult to store it, especially when it is inflated. However, even if it's smaller than other SUP and it doesn't have a carry bag like others, you will surely find a space where to store it. Last but not least, the Megalodon 15' can fit different paddlers due to its 4 travel paddles which are

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