Aircraft Systems Essay

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Aircraft systems are amalgam of different systems within systems. Among many other system, Environmental control system is an important system of an aircraft which provide the aircraft with the basic necessities of maintaining comfortable atmosphere for passengers. In specific terms, it is the system which provides conditioned air supply, temperature control and optimum pressurization of cabin for both crew and passengers. Besides, some other functions like fire detection and suppression, cooling of avionics are also part of environmental control system.
Environmental control system is consists of many systems within a system. Here below some of the important system incorporated in ECS are cited: * Air conditioning
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So, comfort of the fare paying passengers in civil jet transport could be one of the vital factors of attracting more passengers. By aircraft regulations, air within a cabin must have to attain a minimum standard for any civil jet.

Function of different system of air conditioning: Air conditioning is the second power-consuming system, after propulsion; while flying the aircraft, in most cases the exclusive source of heat is bleed air from the engine. As it will increase the weight of the aircraft (so is the cost of operation and maintenance), to carry a separate source of conditioned air, so it is now in all modern aircrafts that the engine supply this bleed air for conditioning. But in case of the aircraft in land, this conditioned air could be either supplied from APU or a ground supporting unit. There are two types of this bleed air source, one is open loop source and the other is closed loop source. In open loop environmental control system, the bleed air is being collected from the engines and then being refrigerated and finally used to cool the passengers and crew, as well as equipment before dumping the air overhead. On the other hand, in closed loop system same air is being collected again and again after being used by the passengers in the cabin. That means this closed loop system

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