Essay on Aircraft Instruments System Reviewer

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ANEROID – sensitive component in an altimeter or barometer that measures absolute pressure of the air. -Sealed, flat capsule made of thin corrugated disks of metal soldered together and evacuated by pumping all of the air out of it.
PRESSURE – amount of force acting on a given unit of area and all pressure must be measured from some known references.
BAROMETRICSCALE/KOLLSMAN WINDOW- small window in the dial of a sensitive altimeter in which the pilot sets the barometric pressure level from which the altitude shown on the altimeter is measured.
AIRSPEED INDICATOR – A flight instrument that measures the differential between the pitot, of ram air pressure and the static pressure of the air surrounding the aircraft.
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Static pressure does not take into consideration any air movement.
PITOT PRESSURE – Ram air pressure used to measure airspeed.
DIFFERENTIAL BELLOWS – popular instrument mechanism used to measure absolute, differential, or gage pressure.
3 Temperature Measuring Instruments * Non Electrical measurement * Used for measuring outside air temp.
And oil temp. In small gen. av. Aircraft. * Resistance * Electrical instruments for measuring low temperatures. * Thermocouple instruments * For measuring high temperature.
WHEATSTONE BRIDGE CIRCUIT – used to measure temperature.
2 types of ratio meter circuits * Moving coil ratiometers * Moving magnet ratiometers
THERMOCOUPLE INSTRUMENTS – do not require any external power since a thermocouple is an electrical generator.
CYLINDER HEAD TEMP. (CHT) – For reciprocating engines.
EXHAUST GAS TEMP. (EGT) – For both reciprocating and turbine engines
CONSTANTAN – a copper nickel alloy used as the negative lead of a thermocouple for measuring the CHT of a reciprocating.
CHROMEL – an alloy of nickel and chromium used as the positive element in a thermocouple for measuring EGT.
ALUMEL – an alloy if nickel, aluminum manganese and silicon that are the negative element in a thermocouple used to measure EGT.
MECHANICAL TACHOMETER – used for small reciprocating engines is of the magnetic drag type.

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