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Action plan & proposed environmental management system for Aitken Spence printing

Aitken Spence group of companies undertake by it's co-operate policy to ensure the sustainable development through environment friendly manner.

Co-operate vision state "We understand co-operate sustainability as a proactive approach to ensure the long term viability, profitability and integrity of the business by optimizing resource use and managing environmental & social impacts. As a diversified business group operating in several countries, we remain committed to continue our legacy of exemplary co-operate citizenship by aligning our sustainable strategies with global initiatives on sustainable development."

In order to achieve
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The main idea of such practices to minimize the environmental impact via factory operation.

To drive with the system we stated our environmental policy as " Aitken Spence printing is a commercial printing organization committed to excellence, quality and leadership in all tis activities whilst respecting its relationship with the natural environment by acknowledging the adverse impact that its human activities can impose and taking action to prevent degradation of our natural systems."

Company aims to achieve its policy

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