AirAsia Consumer Behaviour Essay

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1.0. Introduction
2.0. Psychological drivers of Consumer Behaviour
2.1. Motivation
2.1.1. Hierarchy of needs
2.1.2. Means-end chain
2.2. Perception
2.3. Learning
2.3.1. Behavioural learning
2.3.2. Cognitive learning
2.3.3. Brand loyalty
2.4. Beliefs and Attitudes
2.5. Lifestyle
3.0. Sociological drivers of Consumer Behaviour
3.1. Personal influence
3.2. Reference groups
3.2.1. Membership group
3.2.2. Aspiration group
3.2.3. Dissociative group
3.3. The family
3.4. Social class
3.5. Culture
4.0. Consumer Decisions Making process
4.1. Problem recognition
4.2. Information search
4.3. Evaluation of alternatives
4.4. Purchase decisions
4.5. Postpurchase decisions
5.0. Conclusion
6.0. Bibliography

1.0. Introduction
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e.g: As AirAsia owns by Tune group who also owns the Hotel chain of Tune Hotel, the company able to sell air tickets together with hotel fares, resulted in cheaper and convenient way to travel. Customers learned that through the website, they can purchased the air ticket together with hotel. This resulted in repeated behaviour of purchasing AirAsia ticket, as the customer find it more convenient.

2.3.2. Cognitive Learning.
AirAsia is trying to make connections between the two ideas of purchasing airline ticket together with the hotel. But now, as the customers uses the AirAsia website to purchase the air ticket, they can also choose a wider range of hotel choices, not just the AirAsia’s own Tune Hotel Chain. AirAsia through their website now also act as an agent, where customer, as they’re saving money by buying airasia’s ticket, have the options to spend more whether to indulge in more luxurious way of staying, by choosing more luxurious hotels that now available in the company’s website.

The above screenshot of airasia’s website shows that cosumers can purchase airticket and hotel vouchers at the same time.
2.3.3. Brand Loyalty.
One of the way of doing applicating learning principles by AirAsia is introducing their reward programs to AirAsia’s customers, there are the frequent flyer miles, or free ticket, or holiday vouchers to give away to its customers. These

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