Essay About New York City

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Ban Ki-moon once said, “The clear and present danger of climate change means we cannot burn our way to prosperity. We already rely too heavily on fossil fuels. We need to find a new, sustainable path to the future we want. We need a clean industrial revolution” For as long as I can remember I loved the idea of living in the city, till this day if my family and I don 't travel to New york City at least once for the holidays it won’t really feel like Christmas at all. They say New York on Christmas resembles the milky way with all the bright lights and highlights of red and green but this beautiful city that brings peace and tradition to the holidays that many people I know so passionately enjoy is being severely threatened. There has been huge …show more content…
Throughout the past couple of year New York city has experienced a foot increases in sea level as a result of the warming of sea water. It got to the point that now the water in New York is rising higher than the actual world sea level average. In order to get a better look at the rise in sea level see figure 1 at the bottom of the page. Sadly a lot of places in New York are seeing and experiencing more intense storms and flooding around the area. You can even tell by superstorm sandy how rough it was because a lot of homes and houses were badly damaged or destroyed on long island due to the rise in sea level. SCientist that have studied New York 's sea level rise has shockingly predicted the sea level to rise from one to three and a half feet by 2080 which will effect people extremely bad because their will be a large amount of debt for property debt. Large amounts of flooding, beach erosion, and even the disappearance of certain recreational beaches are expected to occur as a result of this rising sea level. In response to this threatening situation the City is funding a program to research the impacts of rising sea level, storm surges, and

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