Aids in the Black Community Essay

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Aids Within the African American Community

“I tested HIV positive in 2002. I was 16. The reason why I went for an HIV test was because my ex-boyfriend at that time had gotten sick in the past few months, and then he died. No one would tell me why he died. No one would tell me what he had. I felt it was my responsibility to actually find out for myself if he did have HIV or AIDS. The only thing to do, was for me to go for an HIV test. When I was told that I was HIV positive, I could not believe them. I kept on asking them, "Why do I have HIV? Why do I still look healthy? Why am I not thin? Why am I not sick? Why am I not feeling sick? I feel normal and I look normal. Why do I have HIV?”-Thembi Ngubane of South Africa

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Many churches and organizations have been trying to help Africa by providing help to families involved with the disease, sex education to those who have multiple sex partner with no protection, and money for further research into AIDS. Not only is AIDS severe in Africa, but also in the United States. Research shows that although blacks represent only thirteen percent of our nation, almost fifty percent of AIDS holders are African American. This means one out of every two people with Aids is black. It is very common for black males and females to get AIDS. Males and females who have sex with other males and share needles/syringes are general ways that they get this disease. The AIDS plague has been escalating throughout the black community more quickly then ever. African Americans who have AIDS tend to die more quickly then those of other races who have AIDS. This is because many African American’s are living in poverty in Africa and the United States; making it very difficult for African Americans to gain access to medical resources to help them. The later the diagnoses and treatment, the shorter the life they are able to live. It is said that AIDS/HIV is the leading cause of death for African American women between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-four. Of all the ethnicities in the world, AIDS have hit African Americans the hardest. The number of deaths per day

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