Essay Ahmad 's Influence On An Organization

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In his time at Aba Island, Ahmad developed his views into an ideological system on an organizational, theoretical, and propaganda level. When he started off in 1868, Ahmad was a scholar, religious intellectual, and preacher. According to Fergus Nicoll, his thinking at this time was a combination of theological intellectual, a set of abstract Islamic ideals he believed in, and a mixture of ideas and influences from various sources which he had found favorable. In the early years of running the Mosque at Aba, Ahmad largely focused on converting people from the surrounding area, building his following, and training them in religious and spiritual instruction. Over the decade he would build a large following, and gained a popularity that would draw people over a wide area of Sudan. His teaching helped him to mentally organize the ideas he held and how to convey them. Likewise his experiences with interacting with numerous people brought him to be increasingly concerned with the conditions of society and the problems of the Egyptian Colonial Regime. In 1878, Ahmad began to return heavily to his scholastic work, and in the following years combined his theological and philosophic experience, personal development, and studies into Mahdist prophesy to produce his Mahdist Ideology.
The matter of Asceticism played a significant role in Mahdist development. Muhammad Ahmad valued asceticism and cultivated a high degree of it in his life. Asceticism was highly popular among the…

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