Agriculture Is The Practice Or Science Of Farming Essay

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Agriculture is the practice or science of farming. It includes the cultivation of soil for the growing and rearing of animals to provide food and other products for humans such as wools and fibers. It uses more Natural resources (materials or substances that occur in nature) than all other human actions in the entirety of the world we live in today. Our demand for meat, dairy, population, and production have put a stress on our natural resources. Agriculture is not only an interesting process but it is also a very important one as well. The more that our population grows the more agricultural farming is necessary for the survival of our society, especially since our population is increasing at an extremely high rate. For our current society, farming is one of the main sources of food. The crops that are produced through agriculture are used to feed people everywhere! With that being said, Society is rapidly expanding. Currently, the population is increasing and increasing. We are about 7 billion people that live on earth and studies show that in 2040 we might be looking at roughly 9 or 9 ½ billions of people living on earth. It is essential that we find a way to feed everyone while not overusing the land we have. Now the question is, how DO we feed all these people without destroying the world we live in? Agriculture has an extremely rough impact on earth. It has caused climate changes, global water withdrawals (70%), deforestation, and has even affected our…

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