Does Agriculture Increase Social Equality

An abundance of energy must be present in order to begin the agrarian process. This energy is used to grow, nurture and further, future generations. Agriculture is fundamental to the human population for a number of reasons. Firstly, agriculture increases equality amongst society by decreasing competition between members of the community. Also, agriculture provides a sense of food security. Furthermore, agriculture helps grow the economy and provides employment for the community. Additionally, agriculture can be used by any country no matter the technological advance. Also, agriculture significantly increases the overall supply of raw material. Finally, agriculture allowed human populations to develop locally creating the emergence of village and city life.

Improves social equality
Firstly, agriculture increases social equality by providing each member of the community with the same opportunity to purchase goods instead of having to hunt or gather themselves. This way, humans that are less fit for their environment will have access to the same agricultural resources as everyone else in the population. Also, this allows people who aren't as financially secure to still obtain some form of nutrition.
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For example John Deere, is a company dedicated to agriculture and was created because of the demand for easier agriculture. Other examples are the local market, grocery stores, restaurants, as well as services such as lawn care. These markets would not be prosperous or profitable if humans had no concern to utilize agriculture to its full potential. Additionally, agriculture creates a wide range of jobs and employes a vast amount of people. Some jobs include traditional farming, food processing/packaging, as well as jobs in the biotechnology field. In conclusion agriculture creates an economic web of

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